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Top Fashion Trade Shows in 2021

While we are still fresh in the new year, many people have already started thinking and planning for the forthcoming fashion trade shows. The people anticipating the most are the ones who found their passion in fashion during the lockdown, creating a small and unknown clothing line.

However, the current raging pandemic in the world has changed a lot of things. It has particularly changed how we buy things and many people now prefer reliable online shopping. There are speculations of the 2021’s fashion trade show being virtual. Regardless, it is what to expect considering what the world is facing.

Well, fashion trade shows are back this 2021, although different from the usual. Here are some fashion trade shows for you to display your work


Agenda has a portfolio of over 1,000 fashion brands. It is known as the most diverse fashion trade show in the world. Most people have found it to be a show that it is truly a sight to behold. It is to be held on August 11th and 12th in Las Vegas, USA. If you’re attending this show to find affordable products, you’re in for a treat. You can also check out shoes from Walk London which are of high quality and at the same time affordable. You can see more about Walk London reviews to learn more about them.

Texworld USA

Texworld USA is one of North America’s most prominent fabric- and materials-sourcing events. This event focuses on designers, fabric purchasers, and merchandisers having products ranging across the full world of fabrics. The Texworld USA fashion trade show is held on July 20th and 21st, 2021, and as expected, it is all virtual.

L.A. Textile Show

Now, if you are a buyer looking for the best destination for premium textiles production and designs, the L.A. Textile show is where you want to be. You’ll find on display hundreds to probably thousands of international fabric collections.

They have a sourcing platform where you can easily find factories and other production-related services. The show holds from February 24th – 26th, which will happen virtually, and September 29th – October 1st, held in person.

International Sourcing Expo Australia

This is one of Australia’s primary sourcing shows for textiles, apparel, and accessories. Newbies and start-up brands in the country and around the globe come to put their designs on display. It takes place November 23rd – 25th in Melbourne, Australia.

NY Now HandMade

Standing in the gap for all home and lifestyle categories is the NY Now HandMade, having different designers globally with import resources. This show holds virtually from January 28th – February 3rd, and you will be able to purchase any of the fabrics and accessories online; ensure to patronize reliable online shopping markets.

How to Choose Which Trade Show to Attend in 2021

Undoubtedly the internet has a lot of information regarding trade shows and what to expect. All you need to do is have a filter in your mind to separate the required trade shows and the unnecessary. Not all trade shows will major in your niche, and for that reason, you would need to stick to the one related to you.

With the on-going pandemic, several trade shows might result in the virtual option. This means many people watching online will be keen on looking for what they want and not just randomly. You need to set your fabrics and entire brand collection with the right trade show and category to be noticed.

There are yet to be any trade shows started, so you can use this opportunity to research which to attend thoroughly. For the trade shows continuing with the in-persons viewing, you will need to find a way to keep your materials clean after the show.