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The Brand Most Favorite Fashion Lovers

Many of the world’s fashion brands have loyal fans from the time they were founded until now. The consistency of these brands to always provide quality products makes fans reluctant to turn. These are popular fashion brands in the world that are loved by people.
Fashion is always turning. But, only those with qualities can survive. Some of the world’s fashion houses have planted sharp nails in the fashion world for hundreds of years. They are subscribed to by celebrities, royal families, aristocrats, and conglomerates who want to dress their bodies in exclusive clothes.
Below are some of the most popular brands for fashion lovers

  1. GUCCI
    Gucci still cannot be removed from the hearts of most fashionistas. This is because fashion collections are unique and easy to combine. Gucci, which was founded in 1921 for centuries, is still the most sought after brand because its products can be used as investment and resale or leased. In addition to making spectacular work incisions in the fashion world, Gucci also releases various stylish household needs.
    This brand, which is often referred to as LV, still has its devotees in the fashion industry. Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854. Not many colors are used in its product variants, usually only black and brown and decorated with Louis Vuitton inscriptions. However, even though they have been used for seven generations, the bags or collections from Louis Vuitton are still as durable as new.
    Supreme was founded in 1994. However, after deciding to partner with Louis Vuitton, Supreme became increasingly popular and was able to capture the hearts of fashion lovers who like casual, sporty, and elegant styles. Most Supreme fashion is in demand by the world’s top male celebrities.
    The next most popular clothing brand is Fashion Nova. When examined, this brand is relatively new in the fashion industry. However, once it was put on the market, fashion lovers enthusiastically welcomed it.
    Its products include fashion products, ready-to-wear clothing, perfumes, and accessories.
    A classic and timeless design, making the Channel brand always look forward to every year. The boutique clothing that was pioneered by Coco Chanel has indeed become a subscription for aristocrats and tycoon families around the world.
  4. NIKE
    Sports lovers must be familiar with the Nike fashion brand that was founded in 1964. All over the world, Nike family items are always sought after by fashion lovers because they are known to be durable, fashionable, and suitable for those who enjoy sports or outdoor activities.
    Not only has Nike won the hearts of fashionistas with sporty products, but Adidas is also worthy of being reckoned with its various collections. This German brand has become a popular brand in Asia and Europe. Among others, Indonesia, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Germany, England, and Brazil.
    An incredibly brilliant marketing strategy made Topshop successfully occupy the position of the most popular brand. This is because the management is working with the world’s top artists such as Beyonce and Kate Moss.
  7. DIOR
    This fashion house owned by Christian Dior from the land of the Eiffel Tower has long been a subscription to world celebrities and respected people. Since 1946 until now, it seems that Dior’s popularity has never faded. The designs are known for being classy and combining classic and contemporary styles.
  8. H&M
    Sales of products from this fashion brand originating from Sweden are eyeing millennial young customers.