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Recommendations for Good T-Shirt Brands at Affordable Prices

T-shirts are one of the most popular fashion items, apart from being comfortable to use, this fashion item can also be combined with any fashion style. When choosing a fashion item, of course, it cannot be separated from the brand as well as when choosing a t-shirt.

  1. 3Second
    3Second is one of the original Indonesian brands which was founded in 2002 in Bandung. This brand carries a trendy and stylish concept that makes anyone interested and of course provides comfort. You can buy 3Second’s t-shirts on the website or visit the distribution. 3Second itself has shops that are spread across several regions of Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, Banjarmasin, and others.
  2. Bloods
    Bloods is a brand originating from Indonesia, where this local brand is well known to the public. This brand originating from the city of Bandung offers a variety of fashion items such as shirts, t-shirts, jackets, pants, sweaters, hats, and more. This blood brand has a characteristic that is in its unique screen printing design. This brand also has official stores spread across several cities in Indonesia such as Bekasi, Yogyakarta, Garut, Jakarta, Semarang, and Solo.
  3. Screamous
    Screamous is a clothing retail company that officially started in 2004, which hopes to provide options in the fashion industry. The products offered by Screamous are quite diverse, such as t-shirts, denim, shirts, trousers, shirts, sweaters, jackets, hats, and others. For the price, the Screamous brand is arguably very affordable for young people who want to look attractive.
  4. Dreambirds Artwear
    Dreambirds Artwear is a local meek that is quite popular with young people. This brand was founded in 2009 by Abinara and Sasa Rianzy. Dreambirds Artwear itself is an independent clothing company based on “Home Made”. Besides that, this brand also has strong roots in the arts and DIY fields so the quality it produces is strong and therefore the products it produces are limited. This brand has also penetrated international markets such as European countries.
  5. Erigo
    Erigo is a local brand that carries the theme of traveling so that their clothes match the lifestyle of today’s young people. This brand presents products that make people who use them feel comfortable, besides that they are always updated with fashion trends. This brand has a target market of young people who are looking for something trendy and Erigo makes them feel special.
  6. Grifone
    Grifone is a brand from Indonesia that has been established since 1978, this brand is known for its unique screen printing and design. Grifone offers various types of clothing such as sportswear, shorts, t-shirts, jackets, hats, and more. This brand presents colorful graphics but with a more modern illustration concept.
  7. Monstore
    Monstore is a local brand that focuses on art or what is called wearable art. This brand produces high-quality clothing and goods that don’t stop at just visuals but goes a step further by having a story behind each of our designs.