Why we wear Ties?

Ties: Mens Best Friend

At some point in our lives we all have the need to dress our best. Whether it’s a formal dinner, a wedding or funeral, or just making a good impression at work, the time will come. Men’s ties are a vital part of the formal look. Many men wear ties every day at work, while some only find a few times in their lives that they need to don this versatile accessory. Silk ties seem to be most popular today although you can also get them made from cotton, nylon, satin, polyester, or any number of other materials. The kind you choose should depend on the occasion, your preference, and the rest of your outfit. There have been many different kinds of men’s ties throughout time. From cravats to bandanas, to bolos, neckties, and bowties; choices, styles, and trends have changed many times. You can buy ties at any department store. Prices can range from very affordable, to amazingly expensive. If you only wear your tie occasionally, go for a neutral colored one that is inexpensive but classy. Ties are made to be wrinkle resistant. When you take it off, untie it and hang it up. This lets the fabric rest and the wrinkles come out. Cleaning your tie can also be tricky. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions or take it to a cleaner who is equipped to clean and press men’s ties.

It’s worn in such a way that it’s resting around the collar of your shirts and knotted at the throat area. There’s one reason why men and women wear such accessory-that is for decoration.

However, there’s actually more to it than that. It may sound frivolous to wear a piece of cloth for the sole reason of decoration, but men still continue to wear it. In fact, they do not just wear it for the sole reason of fashion but it has actually become an accessory that completes a formal outfit.

Let’s go back to history. When exactly did ties show up? There’s actually no exact date as to when did ties start. But there’s a clear recollection of an instance where ties were first seen. It was when the soldiers were presented to Louis XIV wearing bright colored handkerchiefs tied around their neck fashioned as a tie. However, these ties might have been fashioned from the Romans Fascilia which are worn by orators as a cloth to warm their vocal chords. But seeing Egyptians with their styled collars worn by men and seeing Chinese relics whose necks are also adored with a piece of cloth, only picks more people’s curiosity as to why do men wear them.

One suggestion is that ties boost up a man’s ego. It’s a symbol in which it denotes authority as manifested by history. The men who wear the neck pieces were actually worn by people who have higher status in the society. Such as the cravats of the members of the ton, the triangular piece of cloth worn by Egyptians which serves as a status symbol and the statues around the grave of Emperor Shi Huang Ti which all wears a cloth around their neck.

There is no clear reason as to why men wear designer ties. But it has been clear in the modern days that it’s a growing trend that men, if they want to be fashionable, should follow especially floral ties. In the recent years, a formal outfit will never be considered formal without a tie, be it a bow tie or the long ties. One thing is for certain, men’s affliction with ties continue since there is no indication that the trend is changing. Even if we’re being bombarded with new designs, tie accessories have rooted to men’s fashion world. A designer tie is considered basic apparel, a need and not just a mere accessory.

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